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2013 city council
From Left to Right: Gary Riches, Philip Engleman, Pat Brady, Kathy Ryan, Penney Riches, Michael Silliman
Mayor’s Letter 2-20-13

Greetings to all my fellow citizens, (There are three parts to this letter, make sure you read all of them.) Wow, how time flies; it has been a year since I last wrote. It has been quite a year with a lot of promise for the future. To keep up with what is happening with … Continue reading Mayor’s Letter 2-20-13

Mayor’s Letter 2-22-12

Hello fellow citizens of the Great Town of Green River, Right off, let me draw your attention to the enclosed flier. Our community is in desperate need of trained EMTs. The faithful few that we have are getting burned out due to overuse because there are not enough EMTs to share the load. I am … Continue reading Mayor’s Letter 2-22-12

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Diversion Dam Celebration

Because of the overwhelming response from the Green River community, the May 11 event to mark the completion of the Green River diversion will be moved to the other side of the river via Long Street. You can find the directions here: https://goo.gl/maps/ASDd2fucpGT2

Public Notice – Nursery Worker

The City of Green River is accepting applications for a Nursery Worker. This person will water, deadhead and weed plants in the Planter Boxes along Main Street as often as needed. It is anticipated this will need to be done daily during the hot months of the summer and should only take about 2 hours … Continue reading Public Notice – Nursery Worker

Job Opening: Code Enforcement Officer

JOB DESCRIPTION Title: Code Enforcement Officer Department: Green River City Public Safety Position Status: Part time (30 hours per week) Pay Range: $13.68 to $18.72 per hour depending on qualifications Application Deadline: No later than 4:00 p.m. on April 15, 2016 GENERAL PURPOSE Under the supervision of the Mayor and City Council, performs administrative functions … Continue reading Job Opening: Code Enforcement Officer

NRCS Public Meeting

Public Meeting A Flaming Gorge Working Group meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 6pm to be held in the Green River High School Auditorium in Green River, UT. The Flaming Gorge Working Group is an open public forum for information exchange between Reclamation and the stake holders of Flaming Gorge Dam. The … Continue reading NRCS Public Meeting

Burn Season March 1 – May 30, 2016

2016 Spring Burn Season March 1 – May 30, 2016 Before burning fill out your burn permit. Go to Utah.gov Search (I want to) “Burn Permit” Click on Burn Permit Application Start Application

Local Elected Officials

County Commissioners and Sheriff

Emery County Commissioner

Ethan Migliori

County Commissioner


Emery County Commissioner

Keith Brady

County Commissioner


Emery County Commissioner

Paul Cowley

County Commissioner


Emery County Sheriff

Greg Funk

Emery County Sheriff

State Elected Officials

Utah State Elected Officials

Utah State Governor (R)

Gary Herbert

Utah State Governor


Utah State Senator District 27 (R)

David Hinkins

State Senator


Utah State Representative District 69 (D)

Brad King

State House Representative


National Elected Officials

President, Senators & House Representative

President of the United States of America (D)

Barack Obama

US President


US Senator for Utah (R)

Mike Lee

US Senator


US Senator for Utah (R)

Orrin Hatch

US Senator


Utah's 3rd Congressional District (R)

Jason Chaffetz

House of Representatives