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2013 city council
From Left to Right: Gary Riches, Philip Engleman, Pat Brady, Kathy Ryan, Penney Riches, Michael Silliman
Mayor’s Letter 2-20-13

Greetings to all my fellow citizens, (There are three parts to this letter, make sure you read all of them.) Wow, how time flies; it has been a year since I last wrote. It has been quite a year with a lot of promise for the future. To keep up with what is happening with … Continue reading Mayor’s Letter 2-20-13

Mayor’s Letter 2-22-12

Hello fellow citizens of the Great Town of Green River, Right off, let me draw your attention to the enclosed flier. Our community is in desperate need of trained EMTs. The faithful few that we have are getting burned out due to overuse because there are not enough EMTs to share the load. I am … Continue reading Mayor’s Letter 2-22-12

Recent Posts

Ordinance Officer

The City of Green River is looking for a full time Ordinance Officer (this includes city wide ordinance, state wide ordinances, animal control ordinances) with full benefits. Salary will range from $12.00 to $15.00 an hour depending on experience. Please send a resume and application to Green River City Hall, P.O. Box 620, 460 East … Continue reading Ordinance Officer

Crossing Guard

PUBLIC NOTICE The City of Green River is accepting applications for School Crossing Guard. Need to be dependable, able to slow and stop vehicles and good with children. Applicant must have excellent vision so he/she can view potential problems from a long distance. Applicant must work outside regardless of weather conditions to ensure the safety … Continue reading Crossing Guard

Green River Trails Opportunity Plan

The City of Green River, Utah, was awarded technical assistance by the National Parks Service’s Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance (RTCA) program in October 2013. Technical assistance was provided for the preparation of a Trails Opportunity Plan. The overall objective of creating the plan was to provide a guide for the City of Green River … Continue reading Green River Trails Opportunity Plan

Fruit and Ornamental Pruning Class

Wednesday, March 11 4:30 p.m.  Green River City Hall USU Extension will present a class and demonstration on pruning tree fruits, small fruits, shade trees and ornamental shrubs.  The class is free and will last about 2 hours.

Private Pesticide Applicator’s License Class

Wednesday, March 11 7:00 p.m.  Green River City Hall USU Extension and the Utah Department of Agriculture will present a workshop for those who want to obtain a private pesticide applicator’s license.  The workshop is free; the fee for a Private Applicator’s license is $20.00.  The workshop will last about 1 ½ hours.

Local Elected Officials

County Commissioners and Sheriff

Emery County Commissioner

Ethan Migliori

County Commissioner


Emery County Commissioner

Keith Brady

County Commissioner


Emery County Commissioner

Paul Cowley

County Commissioner


Emery County Sheriff

Greg Funk

Emery County Sheriff

State Elected Officials

Utah State Elected Officials

Utah State Governor (R)

Gary Herbert

Utah State Governor


Utah State Senator District 27 (R)

David Hinkins

State Senator


Utah State Representative District 69 (D)

Brad King

State House Representative


National Elected Officials

President, Senators & House Representative

President of the United States of America (D)

Barack Obama

US President


US Senator for Utah (R)

Mike Lee

US Senator


US Senator for Utah (R)

Orrin Hatch

US Senator


Utah's 3rd Congressional District (R)

Jason Chaffetz

House of Representatives