City Council Agenda 12-13-16

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, December 13, 2016
7:00 p.m.


The Pledge of allegiance is directed by Philip Engleman.

Adjourn regular meeting and go into the Community Development and Renewable Agency (CDA) Meeting
Reconvene regular meeting after CDA meeting.

  1. Discuss/approve/deny consent agenda.
    Minutes for September 20, 2016 special meeting
    Minutes for October 11, 2016 regular meeting
    October 2016 Recorder’s financial report
    November 2016 Treasurer’s report
    December 2016 Payment Approval report
  2. Discuss/approve/deny placement of a movable shed to the north of the basketball court at the Teen Center and an outside light to shine on the court.
  3. Discuss/approve/deny placement of a veteran’s memorial from the National American Legion motorcycle organization.
  4. Discussion on paying the Green River Canal Company for the 220 cfs of non-consumptive use of water.
  5. Presentation of Hub’s marketing plan for tourism.
  6. Discuss/approve/deny funding for billboard rentals for the first phase of marketing.
  7. Discuss/approve/deny appointing Valerie Newland as EMS Board Member for the City of Green River.
  8. Discuss/approve/deny buying property from Rocky Mountain Power for $7,500.
  9. Discuss/approve/deny Morelli family offer and access.
  10. Discussion on Tesla Power.
  11. Discussion on establishing a selection committee for Strategic Planning Consultant.
  12. Discuss/approve/deny Resolution No. R04-2016 establishing the observance of holidays.
  13. Discuss/approve/deny Resolution No. R05-2016 establishing the 2017 City Council meeting schedule.
  14. Department and employee reports.
  15. Executive Session.
  16. Adjourn.

I, Conae Black, being first duly appointed as City Recorder of the City of Green River, do hereby affirm that the forgoing agenda was posted in the places given below on the 12 day of December 2016.

Conae Black, City Recorder

Green River City Office
Green River Post Office
Posted on the State web site
Notifications given to the City web site.

In compliance with ADA requirements, individuals needing special assistance or accommodations for this meeting should notify the Green River City Offices at 435-564-3448.

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