City Council May 3, 2016

City Council Agenda
Regular Meeting
Tuesday, May 3, 2016
7:00 p.m.

The Pledge of allegiance is directed by Kathy Ryan.

  1. Discuss/approve/deny consent agenda.
    Minutes for April 12, 2016 regular meeting
    March 2016 Recorder’s financial report
    April 2016 Treasurer’s report
    May 2016 Payment Approval report
  2. Public Hearing on grant application for funding from the Permanent Community Impact Board and EDA to develop a Capital Facilities Pan for Natural Gas.
  3. Discuss/approve/deny allowing Conae Black, CMC, to sign grant documents for the EDA and Permanent Community Impact Board funding.
  4. Discuss/approve/deny renewing the Professional Services Contract with the Epicenter for the trails meeting and project facilitation.
  5. Discussion on a revitalization program.
  6. Discuss/approve/deny the 2017 Tentative Budget.
  7. Department and employee reports.
  8. Adjourn.

I, Conae Black, being first duly appointed as City Recorder of the City of Green River, do hereby affirm that the forgoing agenda was posted in the places given below on the 2 day of May 2016.
Conae Black, City Recorder

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Green River Post Office
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Notifications given to the City web site.

In compliance with ADA requirements, individuals needing special assistance or accommodations for this meeting should notify the Green River City Offices at 435-564-3448.

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