Green River, A Place To Call Home

Green River Citizens, Residents, and Property Owners,

Within a few weeks, the city will be employing a Code Enforcement Officer/Animal Control Officer. This city employee will receive training and education in carrying out code enforcement and animal control activities.

You can find an electronic version of the Green River Municipality codes and city ordinances on the Internet at: http://greenriverutah.com/ and then click on City Codes. Or, there is a paper copy of the municipality’s codes at city hall.

We (your mayor and city council members) want Green River to be a welcome site. We want Green River to–not only–be a great place to work, play, and visit. (But, most importantly)–We want Green River to remain and always be–a great place to call home. We would like Green River to remain a small yet “thriving” community. As I said “a great place to call home”.

To that end, we call upon all citizens, all residents, all property owners to do our part. We want our properties to be worth something (of good value), we want neighbors to live in peace with each other, we want a friendly, cohesive, safe, clean, and sanitary environment. Green River, a great place to raise families, receive a good education, work to sustain a comfortable lifestyle, a destination for well rounded recreation, and a good place to retire and wander away the Golden Years.

We call upon all property owners for a renewed effort in cleaning yards and properties. Additionally, if you need assistance in cleaning your property and making it safe, sanitary, and appealing to the eye–then seek help; I’m confident there are people willing to assist… inform your neighbor, ask a friend, enlist and/or pay someone to help clean your property. Let us all work together to make Green River the Great Place it can be. There are codes, ordinances, and laws (directives) that address property safety, security, and health hazards. Please, become familiar with any/and all directives and comply with them.

As for animal control, this too is an issue of concern for our community. In your travels along Green River streets you may have noticed several dogs “running at large” this is a violation on the pet owner. Green River has an ordinance addressing Animal Control. Again, please comply with this code as well. If you are not a pet owner, that is probably by choice—and, you do not need nor (I would imagine) appreciate other animals coming onto your property and leaving a mess to clean up, destroying your flower beds, threatening or otherwise attacking you, your family, or belongings.

We, at the city, ask for everyone’s “voluntary” compliance and cooperation with the codes and laws that give inroads to living in a peaceful, safe, sanitary, and healthy community. A community like Green River, a place I’m glad to call my Home Town.


Gary V. Riches, City Council Member

(Fire Department, Code Enforcement, Animal Control) Public Safety


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