January 15, 2015 City Council Agenda


The Pledge of allegiance is directed by Philip Engleman.

Adjourn a the Green River City Council

Convene as the governing board of the Green River Redevelopment Agency

1. Discuss/Approve/Deny action on RDA Resolution No. RDA01-2015; A resolution designating a proposed community development project area, authorizing the preparation of a draft community development project area plan and budget, and authorizing and directing all necessary action by the Agency, staff, and counsel.

2. Adjourn as the governing board of the Green River Redevelopment Agency

Reconvene as the Green River City Council

1. Discuss/approve/deny consent agenda.

Minutes for October 28, 2014 special meeting

Minutes for November 11, 2014 regular meeting

Minutes for December 9, 2014 regular meeting

November 2014 Recorder’s report

December 2014 Treasurer’s report

January 2015 Payment Approval report

2. Discuss/approve/deny a water connection outside of city limits to Green River Development.

3. Discuss/approve/deny 2015 CIB list.

4. Discuss/approve/deny Resolution R01-2015 encouraging the State of Utah to address comprehensive transportation funding.

5. Discuss/approve/deny the Green River Trails Opportunity Plan.

6. Discuss/approve/deny the Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands to study tamarisk along the river banks by Crystal Geyser and treat with herbicide.

7. Discuss/approve/deny purchasing the property owned by High Desert Excavating located at 695 West Main Street.

8. Discussion on city equipment.

9. Discussion on Melon Days Coordinator & Melon Days softball tournament Coordinator.

10. Discuss/approve/deny Mayoral appointments.

11. Department Reports

12. Adjourn.

I, Conae Black, being first duly appointed as City Recorder of the City of Green River, do hereby affirm that the forgoing agenda was posted in the places given below on the 14 day of January 2015.


Conae Black, City Recorder

Green River City Office

Green River Post Office

Posted on the State web site

Notifications given to the City web site.

In compliance with ADA requirements, individuals needing special assistance or accommodations for this meeting should notify the Green River City Offices at 435-564-3448.

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  1. janae smith

    I have been a vendor at Melon Days and am trying to find out how to get vendor information for the 2015 Melon Days celebration. The information on the website is not updated! Could you please direct me to the person in charge this year? Thank you!

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