Mayor’s Letter 2-20-13

Greetings to all my fellow citizens,

(There are three parts to this letter, make sure you read all of them.)

Wow, how time flies; it has been a year since I last wrote. It has been quite a year with a lot of promise for the future. To keep up with what is happening with the

Blue Castle Project (Nuclear Power Plant) go to www.bluecastleproject.com. I just visited the site and it is worthwhile to check out. Another project in the works, an oil refinery to be constructed within the Mancos Industrial Park is progressing forward. As new projects come to fruition I will keep you updated.

As always if you have a concern about something that you see in our city or hear about our city please call us. The city’s number is, 564-3448, leave your concern with Conae, Karen, Loni, or AnnaLee and they will forward your message to the right councilperson. At our website, www.greenriverutah.com, you can also have access to all of us via our e-mail accounts and a general contact page.

Our website is there for your use. Take advantage of it and find out what is happening in and around town. The calendar is a great resource.

We have a Facebook page at, facebook.com/GreenRiverUT and on Twitter at

Green River Utah @greenriverutah.

Another great website to check out is: destinationgreenriver.com.

As a REMINDER: the landfill is only for yard materials, branches, leaves, etc. The Transfer Station found south of the City’s maintenance shed at 100 South is for lumber, general household material, and metal. We also offer a curbside service. You can put anything that one man can lift out for curbside pick-up, no refrigerators or freezers; there is a special place they can be placed at the Transfer Station.  Curbside pick-up is the 2nd Wednesday of the Month.  Call City Hall with your address when you would like to put something out to be picked up.

I am looking to put together a Beautification Committee, anyone interested in creating ideas and ways to improve the beauty of our city please call the office and put in your name. We also need citizens to apply for positions on other boards. Call the City for further information. Get involved and make a difference.

In my humble opinion Green River is on the brink a most wonderful future. Let’s get there together.

I leave with these great words from Stephen Hawking:

Remember to
look up at the stars,
and not down at your feet.
Try to make sense of what you see
and wonder about what
makes the universe exist.


And however difficult life may seem,
there is always something
you can do and
succeed at.
It matters that you
don’t just give up.


Pat Brady

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  1. Roy Adams Business Agent local 140 pipefitters welders plumbers hvac-r

    Good Morning Pat is there any construction going on emery refinery project red rock project at MANCOS INDUSTRIAL CENTER

    Roy ADAMS

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