Mayor’s Letter 2-22-12

Hello fellow citizens of the Great Town of Green River,

Right off, let me draw your attention to the enclosed flier. Our community is in desperate need of trained EMTs. The faithful few that we have are getting burned out due to overuse because there are not enough EMTs to share the load. I am dedicated to maintaining the excellent level of commitment and subsequent excellent level of service that we have in Green River. It is true that EMS is operated by Emery County; however, we are isolated from the other cities in the county and cannot depend on them to provide the type of service we are used to. Our current EMTs go above and beyond what is required or expected of them. Why do they do this?
They do this because they are dedicated to YOU and your health. Without their dedication those in need would have to wait more than an hour for help to arrive, we cannot let this happen.

So, what can YOU do? YOU can give of your time and become an EMT. The county and city will help pay for your training. You pay a 1/3, Emery County pays 1/3, and the City of Green River pays 1/3. It is a great opportunity to serve those in Green River. (By the way this is also for those citizens that live outside of city limits, but are benefited by EMS.) You might say, ‘but I do not have the time’, neither do the current EMTs but they budget their time and sacrifice time to serve you.

Green River really needs you to step up and serve your fellow citizens. Take the leap and do it.

Don’t think you could be an EMT, apply to be an Ambulance driver, they are needed also. The few drivers we have are also getting worn out.

I would like to welcome the newest City Council members; Gary Riches, Kathy Ryan, and Penney Riches. We have already had two council meetings with them and they are really jumping in with both feet and working hard for all of you.

The new assignments are as follows:

Pat Brady:
Medical Ctr Liaison
Comm. Ctr Liaison
Kent Johnson:
Parks & Rec
Curb, gutter, sidewalks
Solid Waste
Philip Engleman:
Sewer Dept.
Water Dept.
Equipment Operations & Maint.
Buildings & Grounds
Gary Riches:
Fire Dept.
Animal Control
Code Enforcement
Kathy Ryan:
B & C Roads
Streets & Alleys
Planning & Zoning Liaison
Board of Adjustment Liaison
Penney Riches:
Information Center
Museum Board Liaison
Weed & Mosquito Control


If you have a concern in one of the above areas please call the city, 564-3448, leave your concern with Conae, Karen, Loni, or Annalee and they will forward your message to the right councilperson.

At our website, www.greenriverutah.com , a few changes are coming to make your City government more available to you. Make sure you check it out. A few of the changes are: updated e-mails making it easier to contact us, occasional surveys for you to take, updates from me, and a community calendar. The calendar will be a big plus for us all; any organization that wants to put an event on it can contact Keith Brady. Take a look and see what is going on in our community.

We are also have a Facebook page at; www.facebook.com/GreenRiverUT . You need to go to Facebook and ‘like’ our site and then you can get updates on the website and on things occurring in the community.

Other great websites to check out are: www.destinationgreenriver.com. This is the tourism site for Green River so visitors coming to our area can see that Green River is the place to stay and play not just pass through. Go online and surf our websites.

There is a Tourism slogan contest currently running. If you have a great idea for a slogan or icon for Green River please put in on an 8 x 11 paper and turn it into the City. Moab has ‘Delicate Arch’, SLC has “City of Saints”; what can we come up with for Green River? Contest ends March 15th.

As a reminder: the landfill is only for yard materials, branches, leaves, etc. Please do not take anything else to the landfill. The Transfer Station found on 545 West Main Street, just behind the City Shop, is for all other bulky waste items.

I would like to put together a Beautification Committee, anyone interested in creating ideas and ways to improve the beauty of our city please call the office and put in your name. We also need citizens to apply for positions on the Museum Board and the Historic Preservation Committee.

We have a great community and are looking towards a great future My desire is to see Green River become a place where we all have incomes sufficient for our needs and we are able to spend more time with our families. Please continue to do your part in making Green River a great place to live and visit.

Pat Brady

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