Spring Newsletter from Ordinance Office

April, 2013

Hello Citizens of Green River,

Welcome to spring, we all know that with spring comes warm weather, blooming of beautiful flowers, allergies and spring clean-up.

I am excited for the warmer weather and the increase in business for us in the community I am sure it will be well accepted with the cold winter we experienced.

First off, let me say I am excited to have accepted the position of Ordinance Compliance Representative and Animal Control Officer.

We at the City of Green River would like the community to know that with this position being filled, we will be asking for compliance with ordinances.  We are not looking to cause heartburn between citizens and the city or any other wise but we are looking to make our city a place where people want to live, work, and play. With the addition of the potential for new business moving to town there could be a rise in demand for rentals or purchases of land and/or homes. With that being said the more presentable and to code the property in town is, the more appealing to the purchaser and therefore makes the property value increase. All of our ordinances can be found on our website, www.greenriverutah.com. I also can be reached at the city office 435-564-3448 extension 6 or my cell phone 435-491-0031.

The city will be participating in the compliance of code and ordinances, along with enforcing violations, “our spring cleaning and compliance management will begin soon.” We are looking to make our city more valuable as a whole, through voluntary compliance, and the willingness to help each other.

We are also having an influx of dogs running loose.  There are codes and ordinances in place and as the new Animal Control Officer; I would appreciate if all citizens, me included, make sure we provide our pets the proper facilities. There will always be the escapee that is running around town.  I know the majority of citizens in our community but I do not know all our pets, at the city office we have a pet registry in place. Please come in and license your pets so when they escape and I pick them up I know where they belong and I can return them.  Licensing is due by June 30th every year.  The cost to license your dog is $5.00 if spade or neutered and if not the fee is $15.00.

In closing this letter I would like to say I am here to help the City of Green River be appealing to every person that passes through our town in hopes of bringing their business back to our local businesses and to assist in the potential to bring new growth in business and in our neighborhoods.

Also and just as important, I am here to help our town be the best it can be for all of you.

We as individuals can better each other as a whole.

CJ Vetere

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