August 2019 City Council agenda

Date:  Friday August 09, 2019 (08/09/19)

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The Pledge of allegiance is directed by Penney Riches.

 Recess as the Green River City Council

Convene as the City of Green River Local Building Authority.

 1.   Public Hearing to receive input on the Equipment Lease Revenue Bonds

 Recess as the Green River Local Building Authority.

Convene as the Green River City Council

 2.   Discuss/approve/deny the $54,000 Hardship Planning Grant agreement from the Division of Water Quality. 

3.   Discuss/approve/deny hiring a ten hour a week Financial Director/HR Specialist. 

4.   Discuss/approve/deny a pay raise for Moises Antillion.

5.   Discuss/approve/deny consent agenda.

            June 11, 2019 regular city council minutes

            June 11, 2019 executive meeting minutes          

            June 2019 Recorder’s financial report

            July 2019 Treasurer’s report

            August 2019 Payment Approval report

6.   Department and employee reports.              

7.   Adjourn.