Notice of Filing Period


The Offices up for election are Mayor (4 year term) and two City Council Members (4 year term). 

Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the declaration of candidacy.

1: When is the declaration of candidacy period?

The period begins on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 through Monday, June 7, 2021 during regular business hours.  

2: What are the three ways an individual can become a municipal candidate?

Method 1: The candidate appears in person at the recorder’s office.
Method 2: The candidate designates an agent to appear in person at the recorder’s office on her or his behalf. The candidate must be located outside of Utah during the entire declaration period to qualify.
Method 3: An individual nominates another person by filing a petition in person at the recorder’s office.

3: What paperwork does each candidate fill out?

Declaration of candidacy form.
A financial disclosure form. 
Instructions on how to submit a candidate profile to
Copy of the pledge of fair campaign practices. A candidate is not required to complete this form.

4: Does a candidate need to declare for a specific seat?

The candidate must specifically declare for the four-year council seat or four-year mayor seat on the ballot this year. 

5: Can a candidate amend her or his declaration of candidacy?

Yes, a candidate may amend her or his declaration of candidacy before the filing period ends. They may not amend it after this time.